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Pre-configured CGI Scripts Included with all Value and Premium Hosting Plans

These pre-configured CGI scripts will be already installed or are available through your web control panel with setting up your account:

Included VisitorBook Pro (Guestbook)

VisitorBook Pro lets you set up as many individual guestbooks as you want! The Master Admin Program lets you (the administrator) easily add, modify, or delete VisitorBooks from your system.

Administrator Options:
  • Web Administration
  • Create New VisitorBooks
  • Set password for each VisitorBook
  • Edit VisitorBooks
  • Delete VisitorBooks
  • Create Sub-Administrators for additional VisitorBooks
  • Define Layout
  • Create your own template
  • Demo here

This commercial grade software program has a retail value of $100.00, but is included with all our hosting plans free of charge.

Included Multiple Web Forums Script - ready to run

  • Web Administration
  • Create and delete as many forums as you want
  • Templates feature - modify the outlook of each forum separately
  • Specify a moderator with a unique login/password for each forum
  • Each moderator can fully customize his own forum
  • Delete posts, threads etc.
  • Archive your threads
  • Ban IP addresses
  • Censor words or replace a censored word with another one (nice feature :-) )
  • Main Admin Menu - have control over all forums (only for the webmaster)
  • Forum Moderator Menu - control moderated forums only
  • Demo here - Short manual here

Included Free for all links page - ready to run

  • full script customization - customize header, footer, link display, add own categories etc. ...
  • automatic URL verification
  • reject "bad" keywords and domains
  • reject double posting
  • set lifespan of posting
  • set maximum number of links to hold
  • logging feature
  • send e-mail confirmation to poster
  • Demo here - Short manual here

Included Send a virtual postcard - bird greeting call card

  • pick a picture - choose between 8 different pics
  • select between several music (midi) songs as background music
  • select text and background colors
  • add your own name, e-mail address and most important your personal message
  • sign your card
  • Demo here

Included Quizmaster - create your own quiz

  • allows up to 25 questions
  • select text-, background-, link-color etc ...
  • customize your own congratulatory message
  • e-mail the results
  • Demo here

Included Vote - Poll It - online image voting system

  • easy web administration, password protected
  • archiving your previous votes
  • include vote and results in the same html page via SSI call
  • web template customization (output customization)
  • tracks the voting IP's
  • Demo here

Included Text based site counter - Easily added to pages, uses SSI

We are happy about visitor # [an error occurred while processing this directive] (Reload the page to see how the counter is working :-) )

Included Simple graphical site counter

  • really very easy to implement
  • customizable count values
  • You are visitor #

Short manual here

Included Cgiemail v1.6 - fully configurable forms send script; we provide sample order form

Included Form.cgi - A universal WWW form to E-Mail gateway, allows any form to be sent by mail or written to a database.

Included Serverside Imagemap - for click able image redirection

Included SFE PageSearch - Advanced site search engine with customized indexing

  • create/delete word Index
  • customize the search results page
  • block certain file extensions from being indexed

We have indexed a bunch of pages from our demos directory. Feel free to enter anything in the search box below.
Try one of the following words for results:
Miva, spunkyworld, perl

Search for:

Short manual here

Included Single Page Shopping Cart - This commercial grade program can be fully web administered.

  • capable of up to 25 products
  • add product images
  • add product options like sizes and colors
  • customize tax rate for each state
  • calculate shipping costs by different shipping methods
  • simple credit card number verification - no fake numbers accepted
  • check out through our secure server
  • generate a saleslip and send verification to you and your customer
  • Demo here - Short manual here

Included MIVA

Included Click and Go for page redirection via query list

And of course, you can install your own CGI scripts in your personal CGI-BIN!

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