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The best possibility to prove, that we stand behind our service are testimonials from our clients.
Read what they have to say about Spunkyworld, beside, "What should we do without you?" :-)

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  • I had beat my brains out for two solid days, downloaded all sorts of email programs, and nothing worked. Your quick, direct response to my cry for help solved my problem in an INSTANT!
    Please accept my sincerest thanks. I've been totally satisifed with your services, responses, and I have all the faith that I will continue to receive such wonderful help!
    "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
    - David H., Gulfport, MS, USA

  • There's nothing like a web service where everything stays up and just works. Thanks for years of good web hosting service.
    - Marc P., Computer Tyme Software Lab, MO, USA

  • I have never been more impressed by the speed, patience, accuracy, and overall genuine care that you take in your business. We know many people in business that have web sites and we will continue to recommend you! I tell you now, You will go far. Please forward to CEO.
    - Janet A., Norwell, MA, USA

  • First I would like to say how impressed I am with every aspect of your site. From the reliability of the servers to the expert service that Spunkyworld has to offer. Keep up the great work and thanks again. Using Spunkyworld gives meaning to the word service.
    - Alan L., OH, USA

  • "Your prompt response has gotten us up and running in our home based business. Bellsouth (your parent) wanted $30.00 a month for only 10 megs of space, you gave us 250! And your clear instructions have helped this novice set up a space I am so excited about. Thank you again!"
    - Catherine S., FL, USA

  • "I highly recommend their server. They have good service and a whole lot of space, bandwidth and features for just $29.95 a month. The thing I like most is the server doesn't time-out while publishing with FrontPage."
    - Todd S., FL, USA

  • "Thanks for your fast answer!! Your service is great.
    In Belgium, you can't imagine the prices ISP's ask for their services. It's a great help for little organizations that there are service providers like Spunkyworld. If you ever need references for potential Belgian or Dutch customers, feel free to give me as one of them!!! I'm very satisfied with your service!! Sincerely,"
    - Johan B., Belgium

  • "Thanks ever so much. Here in the UK we don't have virtual service providers that give such good service and so many pre-installed scripts. I'm very grateful. Best wishes"
    - Antje C., United Kingdom

  • "Just gotta tell you how impressed I am by this whole move. Except for the couple of questions I had, everything's gone off without a hitch. I can't believe how fast the RealAudio starts. No buffer time at all! Is this new with G2? All my old scripts are working just great, and I just couldn't be more pleased.
    Thanks! What a relief to be with a quality service!"
    - Bob D., GA, USA

  • "Thank you so very much for your kind help! (You must be the BEST internet-provider there is!!)
    I will recommend you to all my friends!
    Thanks and Best regards,"
    - Pauline M., Norway

  • "Thanks Marcus! Love to have someone like you with my company but I'd be afraid to ask how much ya cost!!"
    - Dave A., MO, USA

  • "I also want you to know how pleased I am with SpunkyWorld overall. I haven't even formally launched my site yet, and I'm happy. My questions (even the dumb ones) have been answered quickly and courteously, and I've not had one single problem accessing my site (except for the problems I created myself <g>). I have already recommended SpunkyWorld to someone looking for a Web hosting service, and I'll do it for anyone else looking for a great place to call home."
    - Julie G., TX, USA

  • "Thank you for your answer. Was a proxy trouble with my provider. You are the best support group that I have seen!"
    - Jonny D.J. F., Caracas, Venezuela

  • "Hi, ist wirklich Super, ihr Angebot....nie vorher gesehen...Werde euch wahrscheinlich auch noch ein paar Kunden bringen...!"
    - Pete M., Switzerland

  • "Thanx for the quick reply, that did the trick. I am just starting to get the hang of unix. I appreciate the help and will recommend you to everyone I know."
    - Tony P., NY, USA

  • "God I love this hosting service"
    - James S., CO, USA

  • "Thanks for your great Hosting Service!"
    - Michael F., Cyprus
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