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Vote / Poll It Script

Getting started:

1. Install the script - go to your web control panel --> Free Scripts --> Vote Script
Installation is done after 15 minutes.
2. Now visit
The default password is "protection".
To change this, go to your file editor in your web control panel. Load the file poll.cgi from the /pollit dir, and look for --> $admin_password = "protection"; <--(around line 19). Replace the word protection with a password of your own. Save it. (you can also FTP the file from/to your account)
3. Create your vote. Follow the instructions in the menu. Save your vote.

Now you can load up your vote by accessing
Every IP can only vote once during the voting period.

To include your poll into an HTML page, use this html code (After finding out what you need to use for SSI calls from the explanation below):

This is a SSI call:
<!--#exec cgi="/pollit/Poll_It_SSI_v2.0.cgi" -->

To use SSI within HTML files you must have an *.shtml extension rather than *.html on your pages. This allows you to execute a command to include a CGI Output in your html file.

The above tag will look for the *.cgi file at the location specified & if there, it will output your current poll running into your web page.

You can also modify the html templates used in this script.
Click here for the file descriptions.

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