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Real Audio/Video Demos

RealAudio/Video is a real time audio/video transmission/player system. A digital audio/video stream is transmitted from the server over the internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played. We have the RealServer G2 installed. The difference between simple http streaming is in performance.

Demo Files

Real Audio Clip Audio

Katy Miner - The Best Of Me    Real Audio Clip    4:23 > play    required: 56k modems or faster

Courtesy of Katy Miner - adult contemporary/pop singer/song writer.

Fit 2-B Tied - Rolling Through Carolina    Real Audio Clip    2:05 (sample) > play    required: 56k modems or faster

Courtesy of Fit 2-B Tied - country western band that tours large venues, fairs, and rodeos.
They are being played on the radio and hit #3 in Europe.
There are more country songs available from them at
Hosted by Spunkyworld!


Real Video Clip Video

Singh Darbar, Kathmandu    Real Video Clip    0:41 > play    required: 56k modems or faster
The Great Himalayan Outdoor    Real Video Clip    0:22 > play    required: xDSL or faster

Courtesy of Outbound - An International Travellers Magazine from India.


Note: If you don't have a RealAudio Player or the plugin for your browser, feel free to download the software at the Real Audio web site.

Click here to download the real one player

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