Features -Add On-

Additional Web Space

If you need more web space, you can purchase blocks at 20 MB for additional disk storage. This is the amount of space allocated for you to add web pages, graphics or any other files.

Extra Bandwidth

You can purchase additional bandwidth to upgrade your account status if you have a high traffic website. 

POP3 E-Mail Accounts

This is a private storage area for email. It would be accessed by a 3rd party email program like Eudora, Outlook or Netscape etc.. This gives you a private secure storage location for anyone sending email to the pop box you are using. We provide easy to follow instructions for email pop use.

FTP Accounts

Add extra FTP users (friends,employees etc.) to your account. Through the file permission system on your virtual server you can grant access to certain files and directories only.

SSH (SSH + FTP + POP3) Accounts

If you need additional logins beside your main login, because you would like to offer your clients a small web presence with their own sub directory under your domain, you can purchase these logins. You can restrict access to a desired directory. Your client or employee can not edit any file outside of this directory.
You get 1 shell login + 1 FTP account and 1 POP3 account.

Shell (SSH = Secure Telnet) - What SSH does is simple: You log into a remote host and control the computer as it would be in the same room. Your terminal (Home PC) is attached directly to our server.
FTP - (file transfer protocol) is a simple method of uploading files from your home server to ours. We provide detailed instructions in our online manual on how you can use SSH and FTP.

MX Redirection

This is for the web professional, that has it's own mailserver somewhere else. All e-mails are directly routed to this new location. You are no longer be able to fetch your e-mails from our server if you request to change the MX entries.

Domain Name Aliasing/Parking

You can have more than one domain name under your existing account.
You have several ways go to:

1) We mirror the domain and mail system.
For example:
domain1.com is the same as domain2.com or domain1.com/user/anything.html is the same as domain2.com/user/anything.html
or via mail
if you send e-mail to user1@domain1.com is the same as user1@domain2.com.
Or if you would like to simulate web presence in different countries you can also add another alias name to your domain name like yourname.com and yourname.it

2) If you have the webmaster upgrade add on installed in your account, you can add additional domain names and point them to a desired sub directory of your server.

3) If you register a domain name with Spunkyworld. We will forward your domain name free of charge to any web page in the world!!

Webmaster Upgrade

The webmaster upgrade allows domain redirection to a subdirectory of a existing domain. We will supply a easy to use web interface to handle the cgi redirection. The purpose of this add on is not actually for someone that wants to run a reseller business but rather the web developer/designer that is the webmaster for several domains and fully maintains them and needs an affordable way to do so. The domain must be parked before it can be redirected. Installation will be done through webcontrol under script install.

Majordomo List

This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its a interactive style news letter that allows all subscribers to distribute information. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email up to 1500 mails per day, if you would like to increase the limit email us for pricing.

Real Audio/Video

RealAudio is a real time audio transmission/player system. A digital audio stream is transmitted from the server over the internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played. We have the RealServer G2 installed. The difference between simple http streaming is in performance. With a RealServer, users get faster and smoother audio/video and can continue to browse while the clip plays.
More info is available at the RealAudio website.

Volano Java Chat

This powerful Java Web Chat is capable of up to 20 simultaneous users on each room. Implement it into any web page of your site.You can create up to 25 chat rooms in 9 different languages (English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, French, Chinese, German). Click here for a demo.

Personalized Name Servers

If you would like to remain anonymous regarding your web host, we can offer personalized name servers. They will be created as ns.yourname.com (primary) and ns2.yourname.com (secondary).
Another reason is, that you can simulate your own DNS system. Looks often more professional.
So, if someone is doing a whois lookup, they will only see your name servers instead of the Spunkyworld ones like ns.spunkyworld.com and ns2.spunkyworld.
Note: You have no access to the name servers. We will only mirror them for you. If you need additional name server entries, feel free to e-mail sales for a quote.

Referrer log

This is a extended logging feature that will document where each visitor to your site came from. You will know if they found you from a search engine or another website link etc., invaluable information when planning your sites marketing. This will also include the User Agent and Operating System logging of each site visitor. Click here for some sample log file entries.

Error log

This is a separate log file, where all errors are logged. Like file not found, internal server error caused by perl scripts (important for script development etc.), forbidden, unauthorized and others. You have access to the raw log file and you have to parse the log with your own script.

Access to Raw Log

If you don't like our graphical usage stats. You can parse your access log by any other script of your choice.

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