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There is one page counter you can place on your page(s).

The counter.cgi is very easy to implement. This counter isn't installed by default.
To make it available, go to your web control panel, install scripts, and install "Graphic Counter (free)".

It will be installed into a dir called "/counter" under your main www directory.

  Usage is (assumed for a htm file in your main /www dir):
<img src="counter/counter.cgi?CounterDataFile">

For example, if your CounterDataFile was count.txt in your counter dir, then you have to implement the following image tag into your html page to count accesses:

<img src="counter/counter.cgi?count.txt">

The count file name should some how represent the page and directory its located in so you dont mistakenly use duplicate names. A good example would be if the directory is counters and the html page is called index.htm than name the counter file counters-index.txt. This would make the img src tag the following.

<img src="counter/counter.cgi?counters-index.txt">

You can edit the count on any page by going to the counter directory off of your main www dir and changing the number in the txt file of the page you would like to correct.

Happy Counting! :-)

NOTE: This counter is invisible on pages with a dark or black background!!



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