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To start the transfer, you will need to extend the expiration date of the domain name by at least one year, and you will need to submit payment to our company for the extension as if it was being registered for the first time. Normal registration rates apply. It's $19.99 per domain name and for one year.
We don't charge an administration fee, this is only the fee for the domain name renewal!

We will need to receive a fax that verifies that the owner of the domain name is the one who requested the Registrar Transfer. The transfer will not proceed without this documentation.

The fist step however, is to check if you qualify for a Registrar Transfer.

Step 1 - The requirements are as follows:
1) Your domain has been registered at least 60 days ago. All registrars are required to follow this in case there is a domain dispute.
2) Your domain name is not expired and will not expire within the next 15 days.
3) The remaining registration time of your domain is NOT exceeding 9 years.
4) The domain is not locked by the prior registrar. This can happen if the domain is in a dispute or law suit.
5) You are trying to transfer a *.com, *.net or *.org domain.
6) The administrative email contact of your domain is current. Click here for more info.
7) You have access to a fax machine to send the application.

If all requirements are met, you can now proceed with Step 2 below.

Step 2 - As you already know, for the Registrar Transfer it's necessary to renew your registration by at least one year, which costs $19.99.
Please purchase your credit unit now and return to this page to complete the form below at Step 3.

Step 3 - Registrar Transfer Form

Domain Name.........: e.g.

Domain Name Owner (Registrant) Information:
This must match EXACTLY with the information in your current registrar's database.
Owner’s Name........:

Organization name...:

Street Address......:

City, State ZIP.....:


Current Registrar...: leave empty, if you are not sure

Once we have received the Registrar Transfer Form, we will submit the domain name for transfer.
This process could take up to 14 days.

I agree to the terms and conditions of the Domain Name Registration Agreement

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